NRTM v1.40

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NRTM is a Tournament Manager for Android: Netrunner

Quick Start

The ranking list always displays the current ranking, even during incomplete rounds. For players with the same number of match points, the tie breakers used are according to the official tournament regulations.

Connecting the app to your Dropbox or Evernote account allows you to save the current rankings, pairings and statistics.

Scoring Sheets

FFG's official scoring sheets can be somewhat confusing. Much simpler versions can be found here (for MS Excel and LibreOffice).

JSON/CSV export

When you enable JSON export to your Dropbox account, NRTM will create subfolders for each tournament you export in the Apps/NRTM folder of your Dropbox. These folders will be named using the current date in YYYY-MM-DD format and the name of your tournament. This means that multiple exports of the same tournament on the same day will overwrite the previous data.

CSV import

NRTM can also import player data from Dropbox. When a file named players.csv exists in the Apps/NRTM folder of your Dropbox, NRTM will enable importing it on the "Players" tab. An example file is available, the contents should look like this:

            Alice,,,Kate,Near Earth Hub
            Charlie,,,Silhouette,Replicating Perfection

All fields except "firstname" are optional. "runnerid" and "corpid" look for substrings of the identity's names, so that "Kate", "Spark" and "Palana" will work. "EtF", "NEH" and other acronyms will not work.
When editing this file in Excel, Numbers or LibreOffice, the following parameters should be used: field separator is "," (comma), encoding is UTF-8.

If you're interested in building Netrunner decks, please check out my other app, Net Deck.